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A TALE OF TWO MINDSETS « Petula Alicia Fraser - Life Alignment Coach

There’re two Mindsets: A Growth Mindset and A Fixed Mindset. Which one are you? One helps you to ‘slay it’ every time and the other leaves you feeling defeated.

There’re times in all our lives when we have to decide, do we turn left, or do we turn right? The decision we make can alter our future forever. Heart racing, palms sweating and a head that feels like it’s about to explode.  Some experience those physical manifestations and some don’t. However, for most of us stepping outside of our comfort zone is the most terrifying and fearful thing we could have ever experienced.

Unfortunately, ‘challenge road’ is what personal growth and personal development travel on. For us to get to the best chapter of over lives. We must first live in ‘discomfortville.’ The beginning of anything worth doing in life is always uncomfortable, challenging and unsympathetic. Oh, but the reward at the end of it all is uniquely profound!

If you’re at that crossroad, then you would need to choose a Mindset. There’re two Mindsets: A Growth Mindset and A Fixed Mindset. Which one will you choose? How you choose can affect you for the rest of your life. No pressure!

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Easy to remember points:

A Growth Mindset says to itself
1. I will Embraces Challenges because it builds character in me.
2. I will be Persistent in the face of setbacks and challenges.
3. I will Learn from criticism because criticism has value.
4. I will Find the lessons and be inspired by the successes of others.

A Fixed Mindset Says To Itself
1. I will with every fiber of my being avoid challenges.
2. I’ll instead get frustrated and gives up without a fight.
3. My limited potential was predetermined long before I was born.
4. criticism personally directed at me is unacceptable at all times.
5. Other people’s successes are a direct threat to me.