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LIFE ALIGNMENT COACHING « Petula Alicia Fraser - Life Alignment Coach

Petula Alicia Fraser

life alignment coach
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Life Alignment Coaching

I believe in a life of growth. That every day is precious, and every action that we take matters. I’m here to partner within all areas of your life—whether you’re tackling another roadblock or your first-time trying coaching. Or dealing with unhappiness or experiencing burnout or feeling unfulfilled.

I believe life alignment starts from the inside out, refreshing and nurturing the mind, body soul, and spirit. My coaching and lifestyle consulting brand caters to the high achieving spirit.

What inspires me is creating life-transforming programs with unique features. Easy to follow systems and programs that expand your comfort zone, such as Beyond The Outside Image: an inner elevation guide. I enjoy creating progressive content and specially designed courses for maximum results.

I love crafting genuinely dynamic consulting and coaching principles to incite your transformation from the inside out. I’m offering implementable advice and honest assessment through my breakthrough calls.


Life Coaching Services


Dynamic Woman Awake:

An in-depth journey into yourself to unleash the dynamic woman within!

Beautiful Friend, Isn’t it time you become the Dynamic Woman you were born to be! Can you imagine how your life could change if you started showing up as your real confident, and courageous self?

It’s time to turn your dream for yourself into your reality. The Dynamic Woman is a woman who’s always moving and progressing because she embodies an attitude that’s positive, energetic, and real.

She’s not afraid of learning, growing, and stretching her comfort zone. She’s willing to define what success means to her and to pursue it passionately.

The Dynamic Woman knows who she is, is not afraid of using her voice, and is unapologetic about her life journey. She understands that to achieve anything she wants, she must be a doer.


Beyond The Outside Image:

A guide to inner elevation

Reenergize your life by going beyond the surface solutions and into the heart of the problem to reshape it so you can create the joy and fulfillment you’re longing to have.

This experience teaches high achieving women using proven techniques and strategies for creating a fulfilling, harmonious, energized, and joyous life. This journey aims to help successful women enjoy their success and accomplishments to create experiences free of burn out, stress, and overwhelm. You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of self, sustainable behavioral, and habit changes to create an enriching life and be present for your loved ones, yourself, dreams, and passions.


VIP Coaching:

For the single woman who’s ready to be the CEO of her life

The VIP Coaching Experience offers a Personalized One-on-one virtual coaching program for the busy single and successful woman who wants joy and fulfillment in her life.

 It takes one powerful experience to help you achieve the transformation you’re looking for in your daily life. The VIP experience will provide you with the environment and support for you to experience the breakthrough that you desire.  

This exclusive package will help you create mindset shifts, develop deep self-knowledge, clarity, and implementable ways to reach your desired goals. 

If you’re ready for genuine transformation in your life, click the button to work with me.