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I’m Petula Alicia. I’m the lifestyle transformation coach who will get results for women who want to be empowered and self-secure. Your coach who will help you gain clarity, get unstuck and get you on your purpose path. How much you want to grow personally and achieve is entirely up to you.

I have spent over 20 years working in the service of others and with other. I’ve worked as a Nanny and an Infant Care Specialist. Both required me working closely with parents and building supportive bonds with the mothers especially. I have launched and owned an e-commerce business which I eventually closed in 2013. I’m currently employed fulltime as a Nanny, and I’m now a Certified Life Coach and building my coaching practice part-time and eventually transition to full-time coaching. I’m new to the life coaching profession, but I’m not new to the challenges faced by women especially single women who want to create the lifestyle they desire.

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I’m personally able to coach women who’re stuck, lack clarity, goal oriented and want to develop a blueprint for their life. My goal is to help each one of them to excel. What I’ve learned from working personally with engineers, bankers, lawyers, investment bankers, CEOs, business owners and reporters. They were always investing in their personal growth and development to achieve their abundance. I studied them, learned from them and emulated their success habits. The success habits I’ve learned from people in these fields I would share with the women who are ready to create the lifestyle they desire. I have successfully applied these strategies to my life personally and decided to take my evolution to the next step by becoming a Certified Life Coach. I received my certification form Strategic Intervention. With my own life experiences, the strategies I learned from those employers and the approach I learned at Strategic Intervention. Makes me well equipped to get you to where you desire to be personally in your life.


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I encourage you to put my experiences and unusual strategies to work for you. People are often astounded when they learn how much I have been able to accomplish in the last two years; especially since I’m doing it all as a single woman who’s working a fulltime job and on a Nanny’s salary. I’m an introvert who has a dream to change the world one person at a time. I want to empower women especially single women and women forty plus. I’m happiest when serving others and knowing that I’m making a difference in their lives.

I was born on the island of Trinidad to a mother and father who were not married. The eldest of four children I had to be the caretaker of my younger siblings even though I needed a caretaker myself. My single parent mother had four children, and money was always lacking because of this we were often hungry and lacked much of the necessities of life. My mom spent all her days working trying to keep a roof over our heads, to feed us, clothe us and so on. Those were tough times, and I experienced many hardships that no child should have to suffer, but those experiences have all helped to make me into the powerhouse woman I am today. In spite of the poverty, the emotional and physical hardships I’ve persevered. I’ve been able to achieve results in my life which enables me to live the life I’ve dreamed of living. I have a realistic balance, harmony, passion, and purpose. I’m living in my truth, and you can achieve this as well.


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I’m incredibly excited about 5 Years To You as it’s a robust community I’m creating. It’s a place I’m building to share my experience, insights, knowledge with you – along with proven strategies which will help you achieve your personal life goals. Inside 5 Years To You, you’ll have the help to gain clarity, get unstuck and overcome the setbacks. We’ll work together to get results in your life and to keep the momentum moving forward. You’ll learn how to replicate for yourself the success we experience together in all areas of your life. Giving you the ability to create the life you desire and to master your calling.


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