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ABOUT ME « Petula Alicia Fraser - Life Alignment Coach

"When you're waiting, it may not seem like it, but God's timing is always right."

Petula Alicia Fraser

"You already have what you need within you to accomplish your goals. You need to Unlock it."

Petula Alicia Fraser

"You get to choose how you live and your happiness. You don't need any ones permission but your own."

Petula Alicia Fraser

The Early Years

Growing Up

I’m the eldest of four children for my mother, who was a single parent. As the eldest, I filled the mother role for my younger siblings as my mom was often not home because she had to work to provide for us. There was never enough to eat, and quite often, there was no food.

My mother tried her best to keep all of her children together and to provide for us. I watched tv a lot and would daydream about growing up and owing a large successful company with lots of happy employees. I had also decided that I was going to have seven children. You know, just like the Vontrape Family Singers.

My life was hard. Poverty made it hard, but the verbal and physical abuse I suffered from, my aunt, uncle, and cruel people stripped me of my voice, confidence, and self-love very early in my life. However, watching tv gives me big dreams and ideas. I wanted more for myself, which set me on the path of personal growth and personal development at an early age. Those big dreams brought me to the United States. I was born on the island of Trinidad and immigrated to the United States to pursue my American dream.

If you’re ready for genuine transformation in your life, click the button to work with me.


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My Story

How I Got Started

It was 2015, and I remember it vividly. I was in my early forties and drowning in a sea of obstacles like; fear, a lack of joy, overwhelming frustration, and burnout. I felt defeated like a failure and lost.

I just wanted to have control over my life. I was heading towards my mid-forties and wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. Instead, I was fighting against a sea of unseen obstacles. Until the day being physically sick and tired drove me to my breakthrough. The opportunity came for me to break free, and I defiantly took action.

As a result of that act, within six months, I shifted my mindset, beliefs, and habits. Within a year, I was able to go from zero savings to saving enough for a downpayment on my house, purchasing my first home, increasing my annual income, and becoming a certified life coach.

That’s why I’m passionate and committed to helping high achieving professional women create joy and fulfillment in their lives while enjoying their success.


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Let’s Look at 

My Goal

My goal is to help high achieving professional and single successful women live the life they want to live. I’ve proud of my two decades of firsthand learning. I’ve learned from working personally with female engineers, bankers, lawyers, investment bankers, CEOs, business owners, and reporters. They were always investing in their personal growth and development to achieve success in both personal and professional life. I’ve studied them, learned from them, and emulated their success habits. 

The success habits I’ve learned from people in these fields I would share with the women who’re ready to create the life they want to live. I’ve successfully applied these strategies to my life personally and decided to take my evolution to the next step by becoming a Certified Life Coach.

As a certified life coach combined with my own life experiences, the practical approaches I learned from former employers, as well as proven strategies and techniques I’ve learned as a certified Strategic Intervention Coach and from my mentors and coaches. I’m well able to help get women from where they’re in their lives right now to where they desire to be. 

If you’re ready for genuine transformation in your life, click the button to work with me.

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