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5 ESSENTIALS FOR UNCOVERING YOUR UNIQUE GIFT « Petula Alicia Fraser - Life Alignment Coach

I believe for us to uncover the vision for our lives and to be relevant in the ever-changing story of humanity, there are 5 essentials for uncovering your unique gift, which we should embrace. These are the five essentials:

One: Knowing and owning your gift – everyone has at least one that is exclusively their’s. Although you may not be aware of it, you have it. It’s your responsibility to develop and master it because humanity needs it and if you fail to use it. There’s the possibility that humanity would suffer since no one can benefit from it. What if you’re the only one who can offer that specific gift?

Two: The uniqueness of your gift — your special gift can only be used by you and no one else to help others. We live in a world that’s always filled with hurts, pains, and troubles. You could use it to heal, to serve or help others in even the smallest of ways. Living in alignment with it could make you a force of nature. Can you imagine how fulfiling embracing your gift could be? 

Three: Humanity’s Need — When your gift and humanity’s needs are adjoining there’s an undeniable sense of purpose. There is satisfaction and joy from helping others. I like this comparison I heard from some. When you’re meeting people’s needs it’s like being a flowing river you’re meandering freely touching and changing lives. In comparison when you keep it to yourself. It’s like being a reservoir storing, but no one else is benefiting. There’s a choice to be made are you going to be a river or are you going to be a reservoir?

Your purpose in life is to use your gifts and talents to help other people.

Your journey in life teaches you how to do that. 

Tom Krause

Four: Your Struggle — serving others with your gift is not always going to be easy. Sometimes you’re going to question yourself about your gift. Also your wisdom to keep sharing it when it causes you deep pain. You’ll need to push through your self-doubt and those of others as well. You’ll need to be steadfast, focused, disciplined and compassionate.

I can list so much more characteristics you’ll need. What am I saying? sometimes you’re going to want to quit but you won’t because you understand the purpose of it all. You’ll experience the adventure of walking unknown paths. As well as the profound satisfaction of seeing the different ways your gift makes in the life of others.

Five: The Adventurous Side – many of us don’t see our lives as adventurous. However, I believe it’s possible to live a life of adventure by merely using your unique gift. It may be a pleasant surprise where it leads you. Consider the adventures you could have by embracing your journey. There’re all sorts of unknown factors that’ll help to make it adventurous.

In closing those are the 5 essentials for uncovering your unique gift; your curiosity, persistence, and struggles will help you discover not just your gift but also your vision, purpose or passion. Although the five essentials are just the beginning, they’ll help you create an essential shift in that area. Most importantly they’ll help to transform your life from just existing into a life of fulfillment, adventure, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Therefore making this an excellent beginners guide for you to teak and make your own.